We work all hours of the day and night, weekends and holidays. Our team is dedicated to being top of line service in all of our clients’ needs.
— Andy Kay, Owner at Kay & Associates

Kay and Associates has over 24 years licensed in California. We have experts in all areas of investigations, from a variety of professionals such as former federal, state, and local law enforcement. 

Our team works daily for agencies, corporations, businesses, law firms, and individuals. No matter how unique your case may be, we have a licensed investigator that is familiar with your situation and ready for the job.





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infidelity investigations


Infidelity can be one of the most traumatic life experiences. It’s hard to know what to do when you begin to suspect your partner of being unfaithful.  Many people do nothing, hoping they are wrong, only to end up broadsided when the truth eventually comes to light.  Others try to do their own detective work and inevitably fail, because experienced cheaters know exactly how to hide the evidence.

This is where Kay and Associates comes in.  Infidelities are some of the most common cases that come across our desks. Over the past 24 years in business, we have watched cheaters’ tactics evolve with technology and the rapidly changing social landscape of the world today.  What we have found is that while advances in technology have most definitely made it easier for cheaters to cheat, those same technological advances have also made them easier to catch. And we always catch them.

If you are concerned that your partner may be cheating and have found your way to our site, no one does it better than we do. If there is a cheater in your midst, rest assured that he or she will be caught, and you will have the solid evidence needed to file for divorce, negotiate custody of your children, and petition for what you deserve financially.

  • Obtaining proof of infidelity      
  • Searching for hidden assets
  • Tracking down vehicles            
  •  Performing a wide array of electronic surveillance 

Digital Forensics INvestigations

Computers, tablets, cell phones and even our vehicles store a wealth of information about our lives and activities, whether we intend them to or not. The field of digital forensics provides the ability to discover, recover, analyze, interpret, and preserve this information. Our team also includes a digital forensics examiner so that digital evidence stored within on-board vehicle computer systems can be extracted and then integrated with other findings. Conducting digital forensic examinations requires skills, tools, and expertise not possessed by typical private investigators. To assist our clients with cases involving digital evidence we have highly-certified computer, cell phone, and vehicle forensics examiners. 

  • Search for “secret” email addresses
  • Crack passwords
  • Preserve digital evidence
  • Identify weaknesses in other forensic reports
  • Determine what apps were used
  • Extract passwords stored on a device
  • Retrieve vehicle’s navigation history
  • Recover deleted messages, pictures, documents
  • Analyze web activity
  • Scan an entire device for specific keywords
  • Produce detailed timeline of device usage
  • Gain access to locked device
  • Establish what devices connected to a vehicle
  • Reveal vehicle events, such as when doors opened


Cyber investigations

More now than ever, computers are either the target of malicious activity or the means by which such activity takes place. In both cases perpetrators often use sophisticated means to hide the “who, what, when, and where” of their actions. This makes cyber investigations especially challenging, technically demanding, and beyond the scope of many investigation firms.

  • Spyware     
  • Online impersonation     
  • Phishing attacks     
  • Intellectual property theft     
  • Violations of Acceptable Use Policies
  • Hacking     
  • Unauthorized account access     
  • Data breaches     
  • Cyber-stalking     
  • Malware     

accident investigation

Kay and Associates accident investigation team includes retired California highway patrol accident investigation specialists, as well as insurance investigators, and other private detectives with decades of experience.

In the case of an accident investigation, we have the ability to remove the onboard computer from a car and can find out exactly how fast it was going, how hard it had to break in order to stop, if the vehicle tires locked up, and if the steering wheel was jerked suddenly. 

locate assets

Are you owed money from someone who’s claiming not to have the funds? Are you worried that your spouse or employee is hiding money from you?

At K&A Investigations we understand how difficult it can be to track down hidden assets. And we also know that you probably don’t have the time or the patience to get the information you need. We help you by providing thorough and timely asset location services for both individual and corporate clients.

We have trusted associates and resources that we work with internationally; this means that no matter where your case may lead, we have the tools and capabilities to satisfy each of our clients. From small towns to crossing boarders, we work local and international projects.

  • Repatriating negotiable instruments from foreign entities
  • Locating hidden assets from a party in a divorce
  • Verifying income from parent withholding child support

Small business & Corporate

If you are a business owner or manager, we provide you with a vast amount of services geared specifically for your individual business needs. Our Security Consultation and Loss Prevention Specialists help you stop problems before they start. Kay and Associates understands that not all losses come from the outside, and sometimes those entrusted to look out for your business are only looking out for themselves. 

We specialize in the latest investigative techniques to protect our clients from liability stemming from various forms of employee misconduct, such as on-the-job alcohol and drug use, misuse of company vehicles and equipment, internal theft, and vendor fraud.  

We protect company assets, employees and VIPs, which includes finding internal company theft and managing loss prevention. By auditing foreign assets and mergers, we stave off liability with internal investigations that protect our clients from such threats. Kay and Associates also protects company property and company secrets, as we operate under the utmost privacy.  

child support and custody

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is being taken care of properly. But sometimes it can be difficult to gauge how your child is faring when they are not always under your roof. Whether you’re going through a divorce, or are already involved in a child custody dispute, our compassionate, dedicated team is on hand to serve you. We offer thorough, dependable child custody investigations designed to give you the answers and peace of mind you need and deserve.

At Kay and Associates Investigations, we understand that matters relating to child custody are both sensitive and emotional. We also know that a lot is riding on the information we are able to gather and provide. After all, nothing is more important than your child’s safety and well-being, and to that end, we work tirelessly to get you the answers you are after to take the appropriate next steps. Don’t spend days and nights worrying about your child. Get the information you need to pursue your child custody matter with our in-depth investigation services.  

We help guide you, even down to the details of how to properly conduct yourself on social media while going through a custody battle.
— Andy Kay, Owner at Kay And Associates


There is absolutely no private investigations company better qualified to handle any type of construction-related case. We come from the construction industry, having owned, operated, and worked in all facets of the construction industry. Licensed contractors in general building, general engineering, concrete, and excavation (among others), at Kay and Associates, we know the law and are familiar with the practices, trades, equipment, and shortfalls of construction. We are the experts in this field, representing dozens of contractors, utility companies, insurance companies, and attorneys throughout the country.

  • Misconduct  
  • Fraud  
  • Related  
  • Workers Comp   
  • Insurance Claims
  • Defect     
  • Theft   
  • Internal  
  • Security  
  • Employee  

financial fraud

Have you been the victim of fraud? Do you have reason to believe that something shady is going on with your company’s finances? At K & A Investigations, we provide thorough financial investigations designed to provide you with the answers you need to take action and move forward. Whether you are looking to delve into an accounting mishap or a small business owner worried about embezzlement, we are at your service.

Our financial investigation services are all about getting to the bottom of your financial quandary. When you come to us, you can rest assured that we’ll take a detailed yet cautious approach to our investigation. We understand the sensitive nature of your situation, and we will approach it with the discretion that you need and deserve.  


Have you been the victim of fraud? Do you have reason to believe that something shady is going on with your company’s finances? At K & A Investigations, we provide thorough financial investigations designed to provide you with the answers you need to take action and move forward. Whether you are looking to delve into an accounting mishap or a small business owner worried about embezzlement, we are quietly at your service.


Your questions answered...

How much does an investigation cost?

First, I recommend you book a free consultation with us, which can easily be done on our services page, or by calling in.

In general, I tell my clients that because each case is so individual, depending on the amount of hours logged, the driving mileage, and the way in which the case develops, it varies. However, each case is given a ballpark figure and we work with the client each step along the way.


How do you work?

We may employ multiple investigative specialists and techniques. Each and every case is different and calls for unique approach, which is why we are adaptive thinkers at Kay and Associates.


How do I know my case and inquiries will remain confidential?

We have the highest standards and employ discreet tactics that protect you as our client. Our clients range from celebrities, to Fortune 500 Companies, to simple domestic cases, all treated with the same respect and professionalism.


What are some things to look for in a spouse that I believe is cheating?

I could give you statistics on the likelihood of infidelity, but in my many years of experience, here’s what I have found to be true: based on my cases, when a woman believes her mate to be unfaithful, she is correct about 92% of the time.  The men are correct nearly 48% of the time.


How do I choose the right private investigator?

Check their time as an actual private investigator, not the combined time of the investigators in their office. Many investigators will try to mislead their clients in their advertising by combining all total years of investigators in the office. Look at their private investigator state license number; the lower the number, the longer the time they’ve been in business for themselves. Never hire an investigations company that is not owned by a licensed investigator. Many online investigative services are merely brokers, subcontracting cases to actual PI’s with less experience.


If you catch my husband/wife/partner with someone else, will you call me right away and let me know where they are?

Absolutely not, in any case. It jeopardizes everyone involved, as well as the case, itself. We believe, at Kay and Associates, that these are delicate matters and require discreetness and safety first. We report all information back to the client, and do so in a manner that supports the client, especially considering the emotions involved.

How long is it going to take to catch the person/party of interest?

Although it is impossible to know that beforehand, at our company, we employ the top investigators and have over 25 years of experience in the field. That being said, we work at top speed and efficiency with the goal of closing the case as fast as possible.


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