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We have private investigation specialists for Fidelity, Automobile Accident Investigations, Locating Assets, Small business and corporate employee background checks , Child support and custody evidence gathering, workers compensation investigations and general surveillance. 

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Our clients are our first and most important priority. 

We understand the delicate and emotional situations while handling your case with professionalism and kindness. We care.

Kay and Associates saved my friend from a difficult situation. It was a hard decision for her to hire a private investigator to check if her husband was really cheating on her. One day she finally decided to do her research and came across Kay and Associates. She quickly called them and spoke to Andy. I was there when she made the call and I can honestly tell you that I’ve never heard anyone be so helpful and understanding as Andy. He stayed on the phone with her for as long as she needed and answered all her questions and concerns.

I was very impressed with Andy’s professionalism; he was calm and composed, but at the same time he showed so much compassion to my friend. I knew then she made the right decision to call Kay and Associates. They proceeded with the case and delivered the result that she knew in herself to be true. It was the hardest thing that my friend ever had to hear, but she was grateful to finally have the real answer. She can now have peace of mind and bid farewell to her unfaithful husband.

Kay and Associates, thank you for everything! Thank you for helping my best friend.
— Lola S., Glendale CA