Asset Protection


You don't need asset protection...until you do!

Whether you own a classic car or family assets that have been passed down for generations, protecting what you own is a basic priority.


Why do I need to protect my assets?

We help business owners to keep their liability from business from affecting their personal property. We work for celebrities who do not want to be found and keep their property anonymous. We work with people to make sure their estates stay intact for their heirs.

We show our clients how to protect their assets from litigation, frivolous or otherwise. This means we show our clients how to avoid cross-liability between assets, making sure the special things you want to pass on go where (and to whom) you want them to go. 

We provide individualized protection plans. These are not boiler-plate solutions.


"This is something that needs to be done BEFORE liability issues come up, so act accordingly. Don’t wait until you “get served” with a lawsuit. It happens to the average citizen, not just rich and famous. It happens all the time. The more assets you have, the more likely you become a target. We want to take that big target off your back."
- Andy Kay