Why You Should Choose a Private Investigator to Find Out If Your Partner is Cheating: Answers with Andy Kay

Andy Kay, Owner of Kay and Associates Investigations

Most people, at some point in their life, have lived in the frustrating position of wondering whether their significant other was cheating on them or not. There are signs, but you aren’t sure, and the last thing you want to do is call attention to it. That’s where we come in. A professional in the field of private investigations is discreet and saves countless hours of time for their clients.  And one of the best advantages is that your partner never needs to know that there was any suspicion in the first place.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Kay and Associates has established itself as the go-to agency for top Hollywood producers, and Fortune 500 companies, alike. Expert private investigator Andy Kay, founder and owner at Kay and Associates, offers his advice (below) to anyone suspecting their partner of infidelity.

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What is the first thing I should do if I suspect my partner of cheating?

  • Call a private investigator. Seriously. The last thing you want to do is to tip off your partner of your suspicions. So before you go digging through computers, and phones, and closets…consult with a professional.   


What services does a PI typically provide in a matrimonial investigation?

  • If someone calls into us and believes their partner is cheating, the first thing we do is ask them the reasons they have for their suspicions. Sometimes, it is just a simple intuition, because you sense things that just don’t quite feel right. 
  • In our many years of experience at Kay and Associates, we have found that women are correct in their suspicions 92% of the time, and men are correct 48%. These statistics were compiled from our total cases resolved. Having said this, we approach every case objectively, and take the necessary steps to find the best approach. 
  • We are not in the business to waste people’s money, so we make a plan that fits within the client’s budget.

Can hiring a PI strengthen your case in a divorce?

  • That depends. Divorce/infidelity investigations may involve many different phases, from infidelity surveillance, to locating assets hidden from the spouse. Having all of the knowledge compiled will aid the person with the evidence/discoveries in proceeding.

Why is it necessary to hire a Private Investigator who is licensed?

  • First, a licensed and experience PI will be able to provide a more accurate and in-depth view of the situation. Investigations require care and expertise in which an experienced investigator will thrive. In nearly every state, private investigators must be licensed. California is exceptionally diligent in the requirements they have for licensed private investigators.
  • Information coming from a Private Investigator will have much more credibility in court than that of 'a friend'. All investigative or surveillance evidence used in a court should come from a licensed agency. So the first thing you should confirm during a conversation with a PI, is verify that he/she is licensed.

Am I required to use the information uncovered by a PI or obligated to tell anyone about it?

  • As a private investigator, we work for you, our client. Any and all information discovered during your investigation, is yours. Period. We will only share information we find with other parties upon your request. All information will be given to you, and ONLY you will decide what happens with it from there.

Is the information uncovered by a PI upheld in court?

  • Yes, as long as it comes from a licensed agency and was not obtained illegally in any way. If a PI company placed a GPS tracker on the subject’s vehicle in order to track them, it could be illegal and the evidence could be thrown out due to the investigator breaking a law. If the investigator is trespassing or breaking any other laws in obtaining the surveillance, a judge could also dismiss the evidence. Ultimately, a judge can dismiss evidence for a variety of reasons so it is important to make sure you work with a PI company that follows PIPEDA and other industry laws and best practices.

Is the information discovered by a PI beneficial in a spousal support/child custody case?

  • It all depends on the judge and the nature of the evidence discovered. We have cases all the time where the spouse is caught cheating over and over, the judges can be swayed by such behavior, and rule in favor of my client. In other instances, if a couple is divorcing because of drug use or other addictions, professional surveillance documenting the abusing of drugs while caring for the children can help change the outcome in your custody battle.

My friend retained a PI after the divorce was complete. What are the reasons for this?

  • If there are children involved, or there is suspicion that there was deception regarding disclosed assets, then surveillances are utilized to discover any pertinent facts that could benefit our clients.
  • Many people will hire a private investigator to confirm if an estranged spouse has in fact changed their earning ability. If a private investigator finds the subject to be working contrary to their reports, the client can use the proof to file with the FRO (Family Responsibility Office) and regain their financial support.

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