Resolving Your Child Custody Case Using a Private Investigator



When someone calls me regarding a child custody case, I first ask them what their concerns are. Usually they are afraid for their child’s health and safety when with the other parent, or they are trying to locate more of the other parent’s assets to get fair child support. After speaking with them on the phone, we decide the best approach to take for the case, depending on how much information they have. Obviously, the more information the client can provide us with, the less time we have to spend investigating and the more money they save. We are looking for names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, car details, any job history they have, and as much other pertinent information the client has. Getting all this together is the first step. I do not always meet with the client, because usually I can get the information I need through phone calls and emails. However, sometimes complex cases require more time to go through the evidence and understand it. With so many years of experience with child custody cases, we can provide great insight and assistance to help you and your child.

For a concerned parent, it can feel overwhelming taking your child’s other parent to court, especially when you don’t know where to begin.
— Andy Kay

It’s important to know the living conditions of the child when it is at the other parent’s home. We are often also asked to do a background check on anyone that is around the child when it’s with the other parent. These people would include boyfriends, girlfriends, babysitters, tutors, other family members, etc. People also hire us for custody cases where one parent is hiding income and/or denying employment. This tactic allows them to avoid paying their fair share of child support.

Child custody cases, needless to say, are specific to each family; every situation is different and unique in their intricate details. I take special care and interest with these cases because I have had to deal with them personally. I insist on putting the children first and finding all the necessary evidence needed to make proper decisions in regards to their well-being. 

For a concerned parent, it can feel overwhelming taking your child’s other parent to court, especially when you don’t know where to begin. At Kay and Associates we want to assure you that your case will be handled with the utmost respect, discretion, and diligence. We have the most advanced databases and technology available to solve our cases efficiently while keeping costs reasonable and protecting your child. Our high profile clients appreciate these skills as it keeps their private business out of the news and tabloids. Being creative and quick on our feet over the last 25 years has made us the go-to investigations company for anyone that wants their case solved and their child safe.