Protecting Your Identity, Family, Security and Assets

Protecting Your Identity, Family, Security and Assets

There are many reasons people hire me to consult with them regarding assets. For example, I may be retained to keep them from cross contaminating liability in real property; I get hired to keep celebrities from being found by crazed fans or other private investigators. We spend a great deal of time finding people and their assets, and in that so we became the sought out company in preventing that from happening.

Dealing with the Vitalii Sediuks of the World and Celebrity Security

Vitalii Sediuk made a name for himself by surprising celebrities with a physical intrusion. And it wasn’t just for an autograph, but rather for fame for himself. Though none of his attacks were physically harmful to the celebrities, it was more than just a momentary shock; it was realizing their vulnerability to physical harm from strangers around the world. Security detail is a special trade within itself. Celebrity security detail work is even more specific in the expectations, training, and demands that come along with it.

Most recently, Gigi Hadid was the focus of Sediuk’s attention, when he broke in next to her picking her up off the ground and she responded by elbowing him. I have been getting asked a lot of questions regarding certain incidents, with people asking me what I think went wrong, how it could have been prevented, what I would have done differently, and so on. But there’s no one answer, and from my many years of experience, here is what I can tell you:

  • Private security is very subjective and unique to each situation, so if someone tells you that there is an absolute right or wrong way to perform a security detail, then they do not understand what they are doing.
  • The biggest detriment to a security detail is the subject of the detail wanting to dictate their own security. The majority of close protection professionals are so worried about losing their jobs that they acquiesce to their clients’ personal preferences. Of course you need to make your client happy, but not at the cost of their safety. Any places where these two things may not line up should be discussed in very clear terms with the client before the event or job.
  • In many cases there is not enough security. If the client is a family/group, and the members split up, this problem is exasperated. Then combine that with high profile clients that are constantly projecting their whereabouts and carried assets, and you have a strategic nightmare: your client has made herself/himself what we call a ‘soft target’.
  • Having contact with the local authorities at every point is very important in setting up your security detail. Each stop along the route, each time the client is leaving the vehicle or home base, contact with the local authorities should be solid and prepared.
  • Having a multi-faceted security detail is very important, along with preventing knowledge from being leaked to the persons that could do your clients harm. This may seem simple or abstract, but it is one of the greatest ways to protect your client. The technology and methods that a good security team include into their services sets them apart from the others. We provide services to prevent access and knowledge of our clients. If the bad guys cannot find them, they cannot hurt them.

There are always things that cannot be foreseen or prevented, as is life. But our job as private security personnel is to make sure that everything humanly possible is done to protect our clients every step of the way. Looking for specialized security detail? Call us at Kay and Associates today.