Digital Forensics Investigations

Computers, tablets, cell phones and even our vehicles store a wealth of information about our lives and activities, whether we intend them to or not. The field of digital forensics provides the ability to discover, recover, analyze, interpret, and preserve this information. Our team also includes a digital forensics examiner so that digital evidence stored within on-board vehicle computer systems can be extracted and then integrated with other findings. Conducting digital forensic examinations requires skills, tools, and expertise not possessed by typical private investigators. To assist our clients with cases involving digital evidence we have highly-certified computer, cell phone, and vehicle forensics examiners. 

  • Recover deleted messages, pictures, documents
  • Analyze web activity
  • Scan an entire device for specific keywords
  • Produce detailed timeline of device usage
  • Gain access to locked device
  • Establish what devices connected to a vehicle
  • Reveal vehicle events
  • Search for “secret” email addresses
  • Crack passwords
  • Preserve digital evidence
  • Identify weaknesses in other forensic reports
  • Determine what apps were used
  • Extract passwords stored on a device
  • Retrieve vehicle’s navigation history