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Infidelity can be one of the most traumatic life experiences. It’s hard to know what to do when you begin to suspect your partner of being unfaithful.  Many people do nothing, hoping they are wrong, only to end up broadsided when the truth eventually comes to light.  Others try to do their own detective work and inevitably fail, because experienced cheaters know exactly how to hide the evidence.

This is where Kay and Associates comes in.  Infidelities are some of the most common cases that come across our desks. Over the past 24 years in business, we have watched cheaters’ tactics evolve with technology and the rapidly changing social landscape of the world today.  What we have found is that while advances in technology have most definitely made it easier for cheaters to cheat, those same technological advances have also made them easier to catch. And we always catch them.

When conducting a surveillance, our professionals on the job provide each client with photos, video, and/or audio depending on the place and situation. We gather each piece of proof and information to provide to the client. Detailed written reports are available upon request.

For infidelity cases, K&A Investigations works at:

  • Obtaining proof of infidelity      
  • Searching for hidden assets
  • Tracking down vehicles            
  • Performing a wide array of electronic surveillance 

If you are concerned that your partner may be cheating and have found your way to our site, no one does it better than we do. If there is a cheater in your midst, rest assured that he or she will be caught, and you will have the solid evidence needed to file for divorce, negotiate custody of your children, and petition for what you deserve financially.