Locate Assets

international money chasing

Are you owed money from someone who’s claiming not to have the funds?

Are you worried that your spouse or employee is hiding money from you?


At Kay & Associates Investigations we understand how difficult it can be to track down hidden assets. We also know that you probably don’t have the time or the patience to get the information you need. We help you by providing thorough and timely asset location services for both individual and corporate clients.

The way our private investigators work is dictated by the details of the case. Some clients need wide-spread and in-depth background searches and reports, while other clients may want to focus on a very specific person who is known to be hiding money from persons owed.

We have trusted associates and resources that we work with internationally; this means that no matter where your case may lead, we have the tools and capabilities to satisfy each of our clients. From small towns to crossing boarders, our detectives work local and international projects. We are the best private investigators you will find.


Investments go bad, and sometimes the person who convinced you to invest in the first place ran off with your money in pocket. This isn’t something that happens to “stupid people.” It happens to very smart and successful people every single day.


"We are the best private investigators for locating and recovering assets."

  • Find hidden bank accounts

  • Search for hidden assets

  • Verify or find motor vehicle registration

  • Find who owns a business-- find the real owner of that business

Our private investigators are experts in:

asset search
  • Repatriating negotiable instruments from foreign entities

  • Locating hidden assets from a party in a divorce

  • Verifying income from parent withholding child support

  • Enforcing judgements

  • Verifying asset values

  • and more...