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Andy Kay was just published in Pursuit Magazine in an article titled,

Subcontracting Private Investigators: The Perils of Hiring and Firing,”

Andy Kay, Founder of Kay & Associates, talks about hiring and firing sub-contractors.

Andy Kay, Founder of Kay & Associates, talks about hiring and firing sub-contractors.

“After a candidate’s qualifications, the verbal interview is the next most important thing for me. Talking with them tells me very quickly whether an applicant is conversant in a range of subjects and whether they can think on their feet. We generally only hire one out of every five we talk to, and then after a few cases, we halve that number again.”

Andy Kay goes in depth on a case that made national news, in this interview with talk show host Francie K. Kay talks about going through the case with his client, trying to find the truth, and ultimately proving his client innocent.

“what is it like representing a controversial client?”…

Talk show host Francie Koehler interviews Andy Kay, founder of Kay and Associates, on-air about one his most recent controversial cases.

Francie makes her way through the headlines and bylines to get the details about the story of a man wrongfully accused of threatening a mosque.

A radio show in LA interviews Andy Kay

"What is it like in the daily life of a PI?"

Andy Kay gets real with the host and guests on  a radio station in LA. Normally, he is the one asking questions, but in this instance, the tables got turned. 


Contributing writer for pursuit magazine

I’m going to tell you a story about my client, Mark Feigin—a man who looked guilty but wasn’t.

Mark was not an easy man to represent, as you’ll see. He found me through a Google search for a private investigator and called our firm, sounding off-center. He was accused of making threatening phone calls to a mosque. His house was raided. He was arrested at gunpoint by 21 officers and held on $80,000 bail.

Big Bear Rescue on the Donner Memorial Bridge - Telstar Logistics_Page_1.jpg

AndY kay saves bear hanging off bridge in tahoe

Early on morning while driving into the city, Andy Kay was passing over Donner Memorial Bridge when he saw a big bear hanging off of the edge by his claws. 

The news did a story on it, and even Ellen Degeneres got in on the happy outcome of the story by doing a show segment about the bear rescue. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 4.36.21 PM.png

Newspaper article on Andy kay rescuing bear

There were national news stories covering the was a local one.