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A radio show in LA interviews Andy Kay

"What is it like in the daily life of a PI?"

Andy Kay gets real with the host and guests on  a radio station in LA. Normally, he is the one asking questions, but in this instance, the tables got turned. 


Contributing writer for pursuit magazine

I’m going to tell you a story about my client, Mark Feigin—a man who looked guilty but wasn’t.

Mark was not an easy man to represent, as you’ll see. He found me through a Google search for a private investigator and called our firm, sounding off-center. He was accused of making threatening phone calls to a mosque. His house was raided. He was arrested at gunpoint by 21 officers and held on $80,000 bail.

Big Bear Rescue on the Donner Memorial Bridge - Telstar Logistics_Page_1.jpg

AndY kay saves bear hanging off bridge in tahoe

Early on morning while driving into the city, Andy Kay was passing over Donner Memorial Bridge when he saw a big bear hanging off of the edge by his claws. 

The news did a story on it, and even Ellen Degeneres got in on the happy outcome of the story by doing a show segment about the bear rescue. 

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Newspaper article on Andy kay rescuing bear

There were national news stories covering the was a local one.