Your questions answered...


How much does an investigation cost?

First, I recommend you book a free consultation with us, which can easily be done on our services page, or by calling in.

In general, I tell my clients that because each case is so individual, depending on the amount of hours logged, the driving mileage, and the way in which the case develops, it varies. However, each case is given a ballpark figure and we work with the client each step along the way.


How do you work?

We may employ multiple investigative specialists and techniques. Each and every case is different and calls for unique approach, which is why we are adaptive thinkers at Kay and Associates.


How do I know my case and inquiries will remain confidential?

We have the highest standards and employ discreet tactics that protect you as our client. Our clients range from celebrities, to Fortune 500 Companies, to simple domestic cases, all treated with the same respect and professionalism.


What are some things to look for in a spouse that I believe is cheating?

I could give you statistics on the likelihood of infidelity, but in my many years of experience, here’s what I have found to be true: based on my cases, when a woman believes her mate to be unfaithful, she is correct about 92% of the time.  The men are correct nearly 48% of the time.


How do I choose the right private investigator?

Check their time as an actual private investigator, not the combined time of the investigators in their office. Many investigators will try to mislead their clients in their advertising by combining all total years of investigators in the office. Look at their private investigator state license number; the lower the number, the longer the time they’ve been in business for themselves. Never hire an investigations company that is not owned by a licensed investigator. Many online investigative services are merely brokers, subcontracting cases to actual PI’s with less experience.


If you catch my husband/wife/partner with someone else, will you call me right away and let me know where they are?

Absolutely not, in any case. It jeopardizes everyone involved, as well as the case, itself. We believe, at Kay and Associates, that these are delicate matters and require discreetness and safety first. We report all information back to the client, and do so in a manner that supports the client, especially considering the emotions involved.


How long is it going to take to catch the person/party of interest?

Although it is impossible to know that beforehand, at our company, we employ the top investigators and have over 25 years of experience in the field. That being said, we work at top speed and efficiency with the goal of closing the case as fast as possible.